5 Simple Ways to Earn Online Money in India

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You can πŸ’° πŸ’΄ πŸ’° if,
You are ready to learn new skills like Designing ,Video Editing , Content Writing etc. 

  Here are 5 simple ways to earn money easily 

 πŸ’Ž Blogging 

 πŸ’Ž Vlogging 

 πŸ’Ž Sell Photos Online

 πŸ’Ž Online Teaching

 πŸ’Ž Freelancer

1. Blogging 

Your interest can make money, yes exactly if you are really passionate about something like an laptops, Tab or Mobile then you can share good effective knowledge with others with the help of blogging. 
To start blogging, make website choose particular area where you are interested and you have good knowledge of that area or you can search on google for more information related to that particular area.
or you can start blogging using Blogger.com. Using blogger you can upload blog easily.

Post blog consistently 
Know your Audience - Target Audience 
Give information to user in simple easy language.

2. Vlogging 

Hey... if you are not interested in writing blogs but you have extent skill and knowledge then you have another option ie Vlogging. Vlogging is another platform to earn good amount of money just you need to record video of particular topic, using editing app edit it properly, most of app is freely available on play store use it and upload it on you tube.

Tips πŸ’‘
Create YouTube channel
Choose Categories and make video 
Content is king of your video

When your you tube channel gets decent views you can be you tube partners program ie you can earn money via vlogging, its really creative way to earn money at your place.

3. Sell Photos

In today's Era almost everyone has ability to click good picture, so this skill we can defiantly use to earn money online, Yes and if Photography is your passion then you can make defiantly source of income, you just need decent Camera and little knowledge about photography and you can sell your pictures on some platform in market.

Place to sell photo online -


4. Online Teaching

Teach online and earn money by sharing your skills, is easiest way now days, according to recent data by 2025 E-larning market is going to reach 325 billion. Because of Covid 19 pandemic online teaching is now essential platform to reach student. Online education is simple way, through this you can reach all over the world, you just need internet and your smartphone or laptop.

-  Create Website 
-  Create online courses
-  Run live Webinar
-  Sell online Course 
-  Include Exam 
-  Provide Certificate

Give some free session to understand your skills and knowledge, so user can connect you with positive mind.

5 Freelancer

Freelancing you can do with your smart phone, their are diff many ways from that you can Earn Money 

1. Content Writing -
You can write website content, blog post, Articles, E books etc. for client using your mobile phone  
App - Google docs, MS word 

2. Social Media Manager -
This will easiest freelancing job that you can do with your smart phone, as Social Media Manager your work is to handle clients social media on the behalf of them, interact with customer and write best content for their user. 

3. Cold Emailing

Cold Emailing is not sending the low quality Email to thousand of clients, instead of that by sending high quality emails to few clients. Take some time do study and come up with strategy, client is more likely to reply to your emails.

Making money as freelancer may be difficult first but you need to keep pushing until you get your first client. 

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