Best ways to stay fit at Home

You can stay fit If,
you schedule your routine in such way which will give best fitness at home 
"Your daily habit makes your life" 

Yes your habit makes your life, so make habit of healthy fit life 

Simple ways to stay fit @ home 

✨  Do 45 min six days Physical Activity

✨ Take 8 Hour Sleep Everyday
✨ Drink 2 L water daily (8 Glass of water)

✨ Keep Track of food intake


1. Do 45 min six days Physical Activity

If you are not interested doing Exercise but you want to stay fit so you can do, using your daily activity only, Physical activity has many benefits to our body, it can help you to make your self stay fit and reduce risks of disease like cardiovascular diabetes etc. Physical activity is also an important part of your weight management program. 

Make your EXERCISE more enjoyable by, 

Playing singles tennis
45 min WALK 
Skipping with a rope
Dance for 45 min
Bicycling for 30 minutes

2. Take 8 Hour Sleep Everyday

Sleeping is a basic human need like eating, drinking, and breathing and if you take proper 8 hr sleep it will defiantly help you to stay fit, sleeping for 8 hours regularly is more essential part of a healthy routine. Your mind and body are better in the morning after you have had a proper rest and it will make you more active in your work and increase your productivity of work and you can concentrate properly.
Sleep plays an important role in your physical health and it also supports healthy growth and development. Sleep gives your body time to recover, repair and build up the muscles worked during physical activity.

Quick Tip 💡

Relax your body before sleep for example, reading or listening to soft music, Turn off the TV and other screens at least an hour before bedtime.

3. Drink 2 L water daily (8 Glass of water)

Water is another essential vital of our body, it play most important role, water regulate body temperature, Flushing out all west from our body and make body hydrate. Drinking plenty of water during physical activity is essential and Drinking more water while dieting and exercising may just help you lose extra. Drinking 2 litre water daily will help to boost your energy.

Quick Tip 💡

The more you look at water jug, the more you'll remember to drink it and fill it.

4. Keep Track of food intake

By tracking what you eat in whole day, you will get picture of your eating habits. Track every little thing in your food habit and make sure you add every little thing which you intake on daily basis, it will help you stay fit and maintain your weight. 
Maintain Food dairy on daily basis It can help you understand your eating habits and patterns, and help you identify the foods good and not so good, you eat on a regular basis.

Quick Tip 💡

Add in your Food Dairy following question and write down your answer briefly
What are you eating?
How much are you eating?
When are you eating?

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